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Green backdrop options for your next photo booth

Green Backdrop Options

In the world of photo booth rentals and green backdrop technology, we here at PhotoBomb photo booth have complied  a list a a few fun things that you can do using a green screen backdrop at your event.  Just like in the movies, the green background eliminated by the specialty software and replaced by a specified background image.

Request an additional green backdrop.

People love a bit of gore and an extra green screen can provide just that.  It works best with long hair as you can see in the picture.  Simply drape the green screen (or fabric) around the neck, hold the hair up and give your best look of horror.  Perhaps bot the most appropriate look for a fancy wedding, but we have seen it all.  Everyone will want one of those poses Use

Fly through the air.

Everyone wants to fly and with a photo booth, you can make that happen.  You’ll again need an extra green backdrop and a small table (like an end table).  Simply drape the screen over the table, choose a background you’d like to fly in and have fun.  Popular choices are space, the grand canyon, New York, etc.  Add a superman cape  and the possibilities are endless.

Underwater adventures.

Use the same table as above but this time simply add a snorkel and underwater background image.

When you book your photo booth don’t forget to mention these options if you want them and have fun!

So there you have.  PhotoBomb Photo Booths top fun filled green backdrop options.

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