3 biggest mistakes made when renting a photo booth

Three biggest mistakes made when renting a Photo Booth

Things to Avoid when renting a Photo Booth.

Having been in the Tucson Photo Booth Rental business for over 5 years now, we have gained a few insights into what you should be careful not do when renting a Photo Booth.

Here are a few things to look out for when you rent a photo booth for your wedding, corporate event,  quinceanera, party etc..  Depending on the vendor you choose, and their experience, they may or may not know to ask you these important factors.  Getting theses few simple things done in advance will greatly improve your photo booth experience.

Make sure an electrical outlet is close.

I cant tell you how many stories we have heard in the industry where a vendor shows up to an event and told, ” we have you set up over there”, only to find out there is no outlet nearby.  This posses a major problem as electricity is needed for the photo booth printer, lighting etc.  Taping an extension cord across the floor is a solutions, however you always want to avoid taping an electrical cord as people can trip on it, it is unsightly etc.

Oh and by the way, you have to then hope your vendor has brought proper tape such as a wide gaffer tape.  Duct tape is the worst to use for this and leaves a nasty sticky residue.  A loose cord running across a traffic area is definitely something  don’t  you want at your event.

Is Your Photo Booth Outdoors?

There are many issues that can arise with an outdoor booth.  Weather, wind, the position of the sun etc., all will effect the booth.  The biggest mistake we see is a client having the photo booth set up in a space without considering these factors.  We always advocate that you have a backup area in which to set up a booth indoors in case of bad weather.  Wind is a huge issue and many wedding photo booth events, in particular have been ruined due to windy conditions.  Remember, your booth most likely has a backdrop and that backdrop acts like a giant wind catching sail in gusty or windy conditions.  Its always best to check the wind conditions and direction the day of your event, and if at all possible, set up your booth on the side of a building or structure that can shield the booth from wind.

Here is one Photo booth operators story with pictures documenting her tragic weather related fiasco. The sun is another factor.  As the sun moves across the sky, lighting conditions and deep shadows can play a major factor in the quality of the pictures.  This is particularly true if you have a green screen photo booth which need even lighting for the best results.  It is always recommended to have a tent set up as it can shield the sun and offer relief from the sun on sunny and/or hot days.  With this in mind it is always best to ask if your vendor has a portable pop up tent and if not, provide one for them.

What hours to book your booth.

We see this common mistake mostly in weddings but it pertain to everyone across the spectrum.  A typical wedding books a three hour Photo Booth.  While each wedding is different, the biggest mistake we see made is booking the booth too early and during the key timeframes when you and your guests are busy.  for example you may want to book the booth so there is something to do at cocktail hour.  Now while this may be a good time for that short period, most wedding then go into dinner then into the dances, toasts etc.  By the time all of those finish and the party begins, the booth has already been open 3 hours with minimal traffic. This will either force you to extend time or shut down early.

Our recommendation is to either book a longer time or start later and skip the booth being open during cocktail hour.  It will save you lots of wedding day headache!

So there you have.  PhotoBomb Photo Booths top 3 mistakes to avoid when renting a Photo Booth.

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