The 8 Most Popular Photo Booth Events

Over the years, Photo Booth rentals have become a staple and must have party favor for weddings, events, and corporate gatherings to name a few.

PhotoBomb Photo booth in Arizona has listed the top eight event rentals you’re most likely to encounter a photo booth at.

  1. Weddings– Weddings are the most popular event bookings for photo booths. Over the last 10 years they have grown in popularity to the point that major wedding planning websites such as, and have given Photo Booths their due with a category unto themselves.  Photo booths are great to have at your wedding, they are loads of fun for you and your guests.  Wedding Photo Booths can be interactive (open air photo booth) or more intimate (enclosed photo booth).  Guests receive a fun photo strip to take home as a party favor to remember your special day.
  2. Birthday Parties– Whether you are young or old Birthday parties are another event that are popular to book a photo booth at. Typical birthday photo booth rentals are seen when turning the BIG 21, 30, 40 or 50. A Photo booth provides something FUN and exciting to do at a party. So long piñatas and hello Photo booths. Photo booth rentals are super fun for birthdays especially with all the fun and crazy props that party goers get to use. Who doesn’t like the giant Glasses, mustache’s and Viking hats! This is just another way to add an exciting element to a party and has come to take the place (or at least compliment) the goodie bag.  How many strips do you have on your fridge?
  3. Corporate events– Corporate events quickly embraced Photo booth rentals some years ago and now the Photo booth has become a must have for many corporate events and gatherings. It is something employees, guests and attendees love to see at corporate gatherings. It helps build synergy, and an overall festive feeing to a gathering.  Photo booths are a great way for attendees to let lose, have fun with friends and colleagues, family, or even the boss. A full array of props and an interactive open air photo booths make for great gifts that you’re attendees get to take home, post in their office or even post to their Facebooks.  Many corporations also use the Photo Booth as a marketing and/or branding platform for various events and gatherings.  A strategically placed logo on a Photo strip is a great way to brand and help keep top of mind awareness (remember most people stick those strips on their fridge or in their office)
  4. Quinceañera’s & Sweet 16’s – A photo booth at a quinceañera or Sweet 16 certainly is a must. Just like the dress, the choreographed dances and popping music, the photo booth makes a quinceañera or sweet 16 the party to be at.  What 15 or 16 year old doesn’t like taking those photo booth selfies!  Say goodbye to the selfie stick for the night and hello to the photo strip.  Ever seen a selfie stick photo booth pic?
  5. Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah– Bar Mitzvah’s and Bat Mitzvah’s, like sweet 16’s and Quinceaners’s are not a party without a photo booth. It’s not rocket science.  Give a group of 12 and 13 year olds a photo booth rental and let the fun begin.  Who had the coolest mitzvah?  The one with the Photo Booth of course!!
  6. Charity Events– Photo booths are a great way for Charity Events to raise money, provide awareness, and offer branding with specialized messages. Many charities have the photo booth rental sponsored by a local business. The business then gets the benefit of branding as the sponsor so it’s a win-win scenario all around.
  7. Proms – The King of the Prom is the Photo Booth. After the “formal” pictures are done, everyone flocks to the Photo Booth to put on those boas and hats!  You can’t get any better than a formal gown complimented by a colorful feather boa and other crazy props.  Check out the cool video clip shot at this prom photo booth.
  8. Graduations – May is the month for graduations and photo booths. Whether its middle school, high school or college, graduation photo booth rentals are now common place and continue to grow in popularity.  Specialized photo booth backgrounds using Green Screen technology is the popular choice for graduation photo booths.

These are the top eight booth rentals as we have seen over the past few years.  Of course this is not an all-inclusive list by any means.  New technology and the latest trends will continue to change the landscape of the Photo Booth and Photo Booth rentals.  As new trends emerge and Photo Booths morph with the times, it certainly will be an exciting time to see where it will lead Photo Booth companies.

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