Listen Up, Ladies: Tips for Looking Great in Pictures

With a calendar full of weddings and social events on your horizon, you will most likely come into contact with more than a few photo booths. If you are ready to rock a picture like never before, use the following tips to figure out how to put your best face forward:

Do Some Pre-Photo Prep

Sometimes you might not realize that your makeup does not match your skin until you look at some photographic evidence. As you get ready, take the time to make sure that your foundation works well with your skin tone and that you blend it completely along your jawline and the top part of your chin. Do your makeup in a well-lit room so you can really see the colors before you pose for pictures. You should also make sure your lashes are perfectly curled and your cheeks are enhanced with the right shade of blush.

Think About Your Favorite Pictures

Your favorite pictures are your favorites for a reason. Think back on some of your top shots and what made them great. Try to recreate those poses as you and your friends climb into a photo booth. When you can mimic those amazing poses, you are bound to get a few great shots to commemorate your fun times.

Find Your Angle

Hardly anyone looks their best when they face the camera head-on. Instead of looking right into the lens, play around with a few different angles so you can find your best side. You might want to turn your head slightly to the right or to the left to ensure that the features on your face have depth.

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